Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm sorry. Gesture boy said WHAT?

Columbus Blue Jackets

James Wisniewski

A Michigan boy. Shocked? Well... Let's cut the crap from right off the start. I didn't even bother to try to find something I liked about James Wisniewski. Why? Because I'm still holding on to the animosity I feel after his comments on NHL Live.

"For me, knowing Detroit’s history they don’t really pay the market value for a defenseman or any player"
James Wisniewski on NHL Live

A chance to win or money. A chance to play for your hometown team or money. A chance to play for one of the most honored franchises in all sports or money. Apparently, for James it was all about the money. I'll spare you my random ABBA references at this time. James got a six year deal at 5.5 million per season deal from Columbus. I'm sorry... is this the same James Wisniewski that was suspended two games for gesturing at Sean Avery? The same James Wisniewski that split time between three teams and only played 50 games just two seasons ago? What has this guy done to deserve 5.5 million dollars? 51 points this past season. Not bad but where is this guys Norris trophy nod? Doesn't have one you say? What about a Stanley Cup? Surely this guy has Stanley Cup experience to demand such a high rate. No? Okay then. So why would we even consider giving this joker just 700k less than our future hall of fame, seven time Norris trophy winning, 4 time Stanley Cup champion, Gold Medalist of a Captain? Oh that's right. We wouldn't.

That statement made it seem like Detroit doesn't pay their defensemen but I've looked it up via every blogger's best friend of a resource: CapGeek. On average per player Detroit isn't the last in the league. In fact, currently they hold the fourth highest average salary per defenseman in the league at an average of 2.99 million per defensemen with 7 players signed. We're hardly the Blues or the Stars who both have 8 defensemen signed for an average of 1.9 million per d-man.

I have a feeling this is all the Brett Lebda effect. You inflate one "Enh" defenseman's salary and every player says "This is bullshit! I work harder than that guy! I'm better than that guy! Pay me more!". And to be honest, all these defensemen threatening to leave for the KHL if a team here doesn't pay them exorbitant amounts of money are sick. Ridiculous amounts of money to buy ridiculously large houses that will be left vacant and on a bad real estate market when the team realizes that they overpaid you and send you packing.

You're from Michigan, James. I really want to like and support you as a Michigander but right now... Just say you're from Ohio.

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