Friday, July 8, 2011

He married his teammate's daughter?!?

Dallas Stars

Brenden Morrow

Let me address the big giant elephant in the room when it comes to Brenden Morrow. Should they have stripped Mike Modano of the captaincy and given it to Brenden? Let's be honest, the Dallas Stars played both Mikey Mo and Brenden. Once let locked Mike into a five year extension, they stripped him of the captaincy to lock Morrow in for six and gave the reasoning that Brenden would relate better to the younger guys. Well I think the Stars got it wrong. Why? Because who did Mike Modano influence and spend the most time with while with the Wings? Darren Helm and Justin Abdelkader. Two of our team's youngest players. So that whole, Morrow is better with the youth thing was just a ploy to get Morrow to lock up for six seasons.

I don't like to discuss the players' personal lives in great detail very often. Mainly, because it's really none of my business to do so. BUT. See how big that "but" is. I like big "but"s and I cannot lie. Also, I'm sorry for getting Sir Mix-A-Lot stuck in all of your heads. Back to the matter on hand, Brenden Morrow is married to a lovely lady named Anne-Marie and has three children with her. His father-in-law is his former teammate Guy Carbonneau. HOLD THE PHONE. His former teammate? Does that mean that Brenden was macking on his teammate's daughter while they were teammates? That, to me, is beyond weird. If an NHL locker room is anything like a non-pro locker room then I would imagine they talk about the ladies from time to time. Can you FREAKING imagine that conversation? "Yeah, last night I took this great girl home and we had a blast" "Oh yeah, Do I know her?" "As a matter of fact, it was your daughter." "Say WHAT!?!" I'm sure they have made it work and it probably didn't go down like that but it still baffles me. He married his teammate's daughter...

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