Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's soapbox time

“I watched women's hockey once. Then I got up and did something better with my life. Like watch grass grow and paint dry.”

“And I don't think any women's sport will really take off. Only women in men's league makes splashes. Just being honest in my opinion.”

Statements like those make me want to scream. Everyone has a right to their own opinion but reading these made me want to throw a hissy fight and/or slice someone's throat with a skate blade. Gruesome? Yes. Fact? Completely. Women’s hockey isn’t given the same funding or respect as the men’s but they are supposed to perform better than the men’s leagues? What are the women supposed to light the ends of their sticks on fire and twirl them around like flaming batons in order for you to be entertained?

Women’s hockey is boring, eh? If it was watched and no attention was paid to who was playing you probably wouldn’t have noticed a difference but since you know that it’s women playing He-Man syndrome generally kicks in and all the sudden you would rather the woman who is kicking ass on the ice be dressed like some glorified skankbox shooting t-shirts out of a cannon at the “real hockey games”. Women’s hockey NEEDS more advocates. It doesn’t need more macho men walking around talking about how Women’s sports will never compare to Men’s sports. Women, generally, aren’t given the same training opportunities or opportunities at all as the men. Girls who play in boy leagues are made to feel like they are less of a girl for playing the game with the boys. I can remember my senior year in high school the only way to be a part of women’s hockey was to transfer to an all girls catholic school and several of my underclassmen actually contemplating switching schools because that was their only opportunity to play. Most of the boy’s/men’s leagues aren’t as welcoming to women as they like to pretend that they are. I've noticed that at the end of the day even if they say they are pro-women's sports teams most people tend to treat them as a mockery. Women can play hockey. That's a fact, jack!

It seems like every couple months someone or something happens and I need to jump up on my soapbox and fight for Women’s rights. And roll your eyes all you please but Women’s hockey is a rights issue. Women aren’t given the same respect (need I remind you of the last time I had to jump up on the soapbox)


  1. Just found your blog, it's my new favourite blog! I just got back into hockey after many non-playing years (started when I was 7 on a boys team) and I'm soooo addicted. I'm lucky we have a healthy women's league here. A friend and I just joined and here's a great story - her husband came out to one of our first games to support her/us. And he admitted he thought the games might "be slow" - knowing that there are a variety of skill levels. But the beauty of it is, is that he saw the light after the first game! It was an exciting game, games are fast-paced and there are a ton of awesome players out there. He is now addicted and looks forward to sitting up in the stand with his little thermos of tea(joked that he felt like an old man!) and cheering us on. He can't wait for our next game!!

    So, after many decades of being involved with the game, playing on boys teams, being excluded from dressing rooms, and still loving the game and knowing how damn good women's games are, I also feel utter rage at comments like the ones you posted. I think a skate to the neck is too nice for those people! :)

  2. I appreciate you reading my blog!

    (Blogger didn't notify me of your comment until now or else I would have responded sooner)