Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sticks and Stones, Brother! Sticks. And. Stones.

"Puck Bunny"

"Arena Slut"

"Fake Fan"

"Bandwagon Bitches"

Those are ALL names that are thrown out to describe female hockey fans.

These derogatory terms for women hockey fans are enough to make a woman fighting mad. I would like to know where it says being a man makes you any more of a hockey fan than I am. I fully understand that hockey is a male dominated sport. But where does it say that I am a substandard hockey fan simply because I am a female.

I've read blogs that say if a women says a hockey player is attractive that she isn't truly a fan of the game and is one or all of those names listed above. I'm sorry but I'm not buying this. I can notice a member of the opposite sex is attractive and not be a fan of them. I'm sure there are dozens of attractive hockey players that I would never be a fan of because they lack the proper skills necessary to play the game at it's highest level.

Another blog stated that how you dress/look at the games dictates if you are a fan or not. They said that if you wore an outfit that was figure flattering you automatically did that to get the attention of the players or the male fans thus you are not a hockey fan. It was also said that if you wore make-up to a game you weren't a fan. Since when does what is on my body or on my face make a difference in how I like the game? The answer is IT DOESN'T. If I want to wear a bikini and paint my face like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show trust me it has no baring on how I watch or like the game.

There are a couple facts that I and many other women will have to come to terms with. As much as women are more respected now for their views on hockey, there are still men who would like to treat us as sub par individuals. No matter how much you go toe-to-toe on hockey with male chauvinists, they tend to go back to the age old "hockey is a MAN'S sport" argument and stick to it. With some people, women hockey fans will never get the credit they deserve.

It IS important to say that not ALL men treat women hockey fans bad. Quite a good number of men, most especially in the Midwest, treat women hockey fans as equals. To those men I say: Thank You.

To those men who would like to put women hockey fans down.... STICKS AND STONES, BROTHER. STICKS. AND. STONES.


  1. In fairness, I'm not a fan of pink hockey jerseys, but that's an offshoot of alternate-colored jerseys that I just don't like.

    For every one ditzy female fan who gives all other female fans a bad name, there are five male fans who do the same thing.

    Besides, I'm a heterosexual male and I think Nick Lidstrom is attractive, does that make me less of a fan?

  2. I'm not a fan of pink hockey jerseys either.

    No it doesn't and that's exactly my point. Just because you or I or some other person finds a player attractive doesn't make them less of a fan even though I've been told that it does.

  3. I know plenty of guys who would call themselves, broadly speaking, "movie fans." In the midst of following storylines or being wowed by special effects, most of them also have thoughts along the lines of, "Gee, there isn't much clothing obscuring her breasts, which are quite large and aesthetically pleasing." (Note: man-thoughts are approximate. :-p)

    Few people would claim that these men are less-pure movie fans than those of us who aren't thinking those thoughts.