Friday, July 15, 2011

He's not fat... He's just big boned.

New Jersey Devils

Martin Brodeur

I always knew that Marty Brodeur was very accomplished... I just didn't quite comprehend how accomplished he is. I'm not one for flipping the script to the statistics side of the game but... I mean... Good gracious look at these accomplishments.

Calder Trophy Winner
Ten time All-Star Game participate
Three time Stanley Cup winner
Four time Vezina Trophy winner
Five time Jennings Trophy winner
Two Olympic gold medals
Two W.C. silver medals
Second place in playoff wins with 99 Wins
Third goaltender in history to win the Stanley Cup with a Game-7 shutout in 2002–03.

Hold onto your hats on this one. Here are the records that Marty holds:

Most shutouts
Most combined shutouts
Most regular season wins
Most wins in a single regular season
Most minutes played in a single regular season
Most overtime wins
Most consecutive 30 and 35 win seasons
Most 40 win seasons
Youngest goalie to obtain 300-400-and 500 career wings
Only goalie to reach 600 wins
Most games played
Most minutes played by a goaltender
Only NHL goalie to score a game-winning goal
Tied for most career goals by a goalie
Most shutouts in a playoff run
Most shutouts in the finals
First goalie to have three shutouts in two different playoff series

Fatty Brodeur

Is he fat? Not really. Does he carry more weight than the average goalie? Sure. For his height and weight, if you calculate his BMI he is considered overweight. I had a feeling that Marty might not be in this boat alone so I tested the heights and weights of 10 goalies in the BMI calculator. Of those tested, only three goaltenders were considered to be in the healthy weight range. Those goalies were: Miikka Kiprusoff, Ryan Miller, and Pekka Rinne. The goalies considered overweight were Jonathan Quick, James Reimer, Jimmy Howard, Tim Thomas, Henrik Lundqvist, Roberto Luongo, and the 178lb goalie Chris Osgood. While BMI calculators might be good for doctors to indicate the health or proper weights of "average" folk, they're really not applicable to NHL goalies. And for the record, of the ten goalies compared against Marty, he was not the highest in weight. Granted, he was second but that first prize went to Roberto Luongo who edges out Marty in the weight category. He's bigger but he's not fat.

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