Sunday, August 28, 2011

Really? Cause that's not funny

Jackhole of the Week

Dirty Red Wings Secrets on tumblr

The description and premise of this tumblr "blog" says:

I know there are fans out there who have dirty secrets, here's your place to share them. Or, not so dirty secrets. Whatever you like.
*These are all wishes, don't take it seriously. The intention is to make people laugh.*

I'm not laughing. I don't find crazy funny. I have no clue who runs this "blog" but I'm slightly disturbed by the content. Some "secrets" are as tame as a Vancouver fan confessing her love for the Wings. But some... some are crazy confessions of crazy fangirls.

I don't follow this "blog" but they tag players that I follow so all the sudden I have to see how some young girl would like Drew Miller to take her virginity. This "blog", tumblr, whatever the hell you want to call it freaks me out and I think it's slightly disgusting. The creator defends it saying that they're silly cute little wishes that girls have about situations that will never happen or something along those lines. I think it's fueling the crazy.

Anonymous nice statements about the Wings are one thing. "I'd like to meet [insert player's name]" or "I think [insert player's name] is awesome" aren't bad at all. It's the "I'd make a porno with..." or "I'd do [insert dirty act] to [insert player's name]" that are the problem.

I have stated before and I will state again. I am not blind. I can identify a player as attractive or not. However, when I walk into a rink, my first thought isn't "That's a nice piece of ass right there" or "Hang on, let me pull down my shirt so that I can get some attention from the guys!". The players may be attractive but they're not sex objects. They don't workout so that you'll notice that they have a nice ass. They work the glutes to get the extra push, the power, and the strength in the corners.

It's not my intention to make a bunch of high school girls cry. So if you're a high school girl that is about to cry because I don't like your dirty high school thoughts aired on the internet just stop yourself. And you could also stop yourself from being crazy. Love hockey for the sport, not the "sexy" men-folk that play it. If you're having trouble connecting with hockey as a sport instead of hockey as a meat market, go watch women's hockey or learn to play yourself. Fierce ladies kicking ass or kicking ass yourself will get you into the spirit of the sport.

If you're against women's hockey, playing hockey, and learning to love the sport for the sport then perhaps you are a lost crazy cause.

My only suggestion would be then to maybe just keep your "dirty little secrets" as secrets.

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  1. I'm not gay... But I'd let Lidstrom fuck me...