Friday, August 19, 2011

It's just not right....

Jackhole of the Week

The idea people behind NHL 2012

Including legends into the new video game? I approve. Making it so legends can switch teams and play for any team? Disapprove. Big time. You can put Steve Yzerman on any team you want. No. Just no. Steve Yzerman only wore one jersey in the NHL and that was the Winged wheel and now you're going to let some douche canoe put him in a Pittsburgh jersey or an Avs jersey? Gordie Howe only played for two teams. One is the Red Wings and the other no longer exists. But now we can just throw Gordie on the Sharks or Coyotes and it's cool? No thanks.

What should have happened:
Pick talented former players from all teams and make those player available to those teams. So maybe it would be: Yzerman and Howe for the Wings, Sakic and Roy for the Avs, Chris Chelios and Stan Mikita for the Hawks. Perhaps allow any team those players played for in their career to pick them.

For example: Chris Chelios played for Montreal, Chicago, Detroit, and the former Thrashers. So make him available to those teams and those teams only. Steve Yzerman only played for the Red Wings so make him available only for Detroit. Patrick Roy played for Montreal and Colorado, So allow the Avs and Habs to pick him.

Players that have moved around quite a bit would have lots of teams to choose from. For instance, Brett Hull could be played for the Flames, Blues, Stars, Wings, and Coyotes. Luc Robitaille could be played for the Kings, Penguins, Rangers, and Wings.

I understand that some teams don't have the history that others do. Some teams haven't had the quality of players that others have. However, those teams need to make their own history. Develop their own legends, not take the legends from other teams. If a team doesn't have an All-Star former player, then no legend would be available. It's no offense against the newer teams, but you can't just fake history where it didn't happen.

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