Friday, August 12, 2011

Order of protection forms available once you sign your contract

Jackholes of the Week


I know. I know. I know. Going after the crazies again? Yes. Yes I am. And with good reason too.

I came across a person's post that said something to the effect of:

"Walking past [a certain player's] house. Should I go knock on the door?"

Are you crazy or stupid? Or crazy stupid? Why in the world would you ever think about that, LET ALONE, post it?

Some players have KIDS and WIVES. You know, happy little FAMILIES! STOP. JUST STOP. Nowhere did any player sign up for a creepy young girl to stalk them. That's not in their contracts. Being passionate is one thing. I appreciate passionate. I understand passionate. But stupid crazy? That's a whole different animal. There are boundaries. There are lines that shouldn't be crossed. Visiting players' houses uninvited? Definitely on the no list. Actually it's on the "Fuck no! What are you stupid? I'm calling the cops!" list.

Please girls, if you find yourself about to do this, don't. It makes me sick that anyone would even bother invading a person's personal space like that. I would be just as offended if someone said "Walking past JennHo's house. Should I go knock on the door?" if I didn't know you. All the crazies that feel the need to do insane things to get to a player's attention should join a support group. Perhaps call it "Crazy Hockey Girls Not-So-Anonymous" and get treatment for your problems. Because, stalking players, is a problem. A big, sick problem.

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