Monday, March 7, 2011

Screw Milbury, Scrap it out

Aaron Downey rocked at it... and gesturing

Steve Yzerman did it...
(The only footage I've ever really found of Stevie fighting)

Teammates have done it...

Even this guy did it... Wait a second... That's Mike Milbury....

What's that saying? People in glass houses shouldn't... uh... do something... with stones... Hypocrite something something.

Yes, I'm aware Mike was just questioning fighting's place in today's game and suggesting that it's role is merely there because we like it. I don't agree with Mike. I don't agree with the officials stopping fights or the league discouraging them. Fighting has it's place in this game and it always has. Whether it's done for momentum, intimidation, defense, retaliation, protection of other players, retribution, bad blood, or as a part of a rivalry fighting is more than just for entertainment.

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