Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spin Thed Spin!

Sarah, SP, Spin, Spin Thed, wondrous being of light and splendor....j/k ;)

Favorite team?
Oh, there are other teams besides my Red Wings? Weird....

Who is the most underrated player?
Hate me for it or whatever, but the Tuzz has been better for us than anticipated. I dislike all the Tuzzi hate.

Who is the most overrated player?
On our team or from all teams? In the league, I think it's Cindy.

What is your favorite jersey (regardless of if you own it or not)?
Stevie Y.

What is the most important piece of hockey memorabilia you own?
The puck that Steve Yzerman skated the length of the ice to give me. Worth more than gold.

What’s one rule you’d like to get rid of and why?
I don't pretend to believe that I know what's best for the league.

What one rule would you add in it’s place and why?
See the last question.

Who’s creepier- Ovie or Crosby and why?
Have you seen those commercials with Ovie? Yeah, that's what I thought. However, even though Ovie's creepier, Crosby is infinitely more annoying.

Which team has the best logo?
I think I'm a tad biased here.

Who is your favorite all-time player?
Stevie Y.

Who is your favorite player now?

What team do you love to hate?

What player do you love to hate?
Joe doesn't-deserve-to-wear-19 Thornton

What do you think about puck bunnies?
Can of worms: opened. I think they exist, clearly, but I think too many people assume they spot a Puck Bunny based on clothing alone. I disagree. I think the essence of the Puck Bunny has more to do with her intentions than what she's wearing. Then again, at 12, I was convinced I was going to eventually become Mrs. Kozlov. So maybe every young hockey fan has moments of delusion.

What player do you like that’s not on your chosen favorite team?
Steven Stamkos

What team surprises you the most this year?
TBL - however, I shouldn't be surprised based on who's at the helm.

What is your favorite hockey memory?
Too many to name. Probably when I saw Stevie lift the Stanley Cup for the first time. Tears!!

Which team has the worst jersey (third jerseys included)?
So many ugly options....but I've always hated the Sharks' jersey. Teal doesn't look good on anyone.

Of the floundering teams which team should pack up and move to a new market?
I hate the thought of moving teams because I can't imagine losing my team, so I will remain neutral on this.

Do you think the NHL will ever let that happen?
See last question.

Do you follow other sports besides hockey or are you a one-sport fan?
Compared to hockey, I find most sports to be extremely boring - so I don't 'follow them.' But I do enjoy going to all live sporting events.

What player from all the other teams that would you love to have on your team?

Do you believe that a fan can cheer for more than one team and still call themselves the biggest (insert team name here) fan?
Eh, it depends. I believe people can root for more than one team, but when it comes down to it, I think they should choose where their alliances lie. But I'm not the fan police, so I don't really care who you're rooting for...the Wings have my heart forever.

Keep it or Get rid it
Ticket Stubs: keep - I'm the biggest packrat known to man so this is a no-brainer.

Kesler Dancing: keep - Whatever would I do to celebrate if we got rid of it? The Kaner shuffle? I think not.

Swedish Style Tailoring: keep

Stephan Walkom: Honestly, I didn't know who he was so I had to look him up. I think our refs need a huge overhauling.

Sergei Fedorov: keep - The Russian Five stole my heart when I was 12. He was one of them.

TimBits at the Joe: keep - om nom nom.

Shoot out: Ughhh...get rid of. I hate that games are determined by this.

Colin Campbell: get rid of.

Tickets to an Atlanta game: keep - Atlanta deserves a team just as much as anyone...and I happen to know a pretty cool fan who adores them. ;)

Gap in a Flippy's teeth: keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Shed a tear for the Eldest Flippy, who is leaving us. Boo.

Puck Bunnies: keep - I like to be entertained

Wooden Sticks: keep - all about preferences.

Crazy Nicknames for players: keep - I love me some Hobo.

A signed Bertuzzi picture just for you: keep - I've been a Bert fan since he got here...

Biz Nasty on Twitter: keep - my favorite lovable jackass.

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