Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seems like it's been too long...

Double edge sword to going to the Stanley Cup finals back to back years is that us fans got used to the whole short summer routine. A short summer where you barely even blinked and it was time for training camp again. As we all know that didn't happen this past post season so many of us have been practically slamming our heads in car doors trying to pass the time until the season... or at least preseason... or that is training camp starts. The addiction to hockey sometimes is a powerful drug.

In case you wasted your off season waiting for hockey, here are some things you COULD have been doing

You could have checked out some potential post-hockey career options.

You could have tried your hand in another sport.

You could have played one of the numerous NHL games while waiting (still) for a call from your general manager.

You could have done the traditional "Hockey is over, Bring on the golf" thing.

Or you and some of your friends/teammates could have gone to a wedding, perhaps a teammate's wedding, and rocked an adult onesies in the name of "tradition".

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