Friday, August 6, 2010

Jackhole(s) of the Week

Two ALLEGED Jackholes of the Week

The alleged jackholes of the week go to Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks and Patrick Kaleta of the Buffalo Sabres for allegedly getting into a fight in up-state New York this past week. As the story goes, Patrick Kane was running his mouth to Patrick Kaleta about the Buffalo Sabres sucking and about the fact that he (Kane) won the cup. Now after that happened, Kaleta allegedly one punch knocked Kane out.

Since all of the above is alleged the Jackhole of the Week title must go to someone who absolutely, undoubtedly deserves it.

Mister Gary "Knows Nothing" Bettman

Now I know certain media persons would like to lead you to believe that Gary Bettman not only knows something, he knows EVERYTHING. I'm sorry but I'm not going to be anywhere near THAT Kool-Aid stand. Gary is rude and disrespectful towards members of the media and towards the fans. He holds a sense of entitlement towards hockey that he did not earn, nor does he deserve. A law degree doesn't a hockey person make.


  1. If it's true that Kaleta did in fact punch out Kane, he deserves a gold star. Cab boy and Lil' Gary both deserve permanent spots in the Jackhole HOF. Great post.


  2. I am not the biggest fan of Gary Bettman, but he did some good things for basketball before he came to the NHL. So he does know a few things from a business side. Hockey, that I dont' think he understands the geography and limitations of some of this ideas such as expansion.