Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So Lebda is gone now...

My first thought wasn't "Wow, $2.9 million for Lebda?!?" or "Gee, I'm glad he got signed somewhere". My first thought was "What hashtags are we gonna use now?!?!?"

My brain apparently went straight to all the tags we include Brett's name to on twitter.

Once we knew Brett was going to Toronto the tag of MapleLebda appeared. LOLebda and LebdAreYouSerious were the emotions to describe the $2.9 million dollar contract.

As far as alcohol related things go you have your SoberLebdas and your DrunkLebdas (or LebDrunks if you will).

HappyLebda SadLebda MadLebda CheerfuLebda ShockedLebda AngryLebda WorriedLebda TiredLebda JeaLebda are all emotions that you experience in the Lebdaverse

Or you could take a scenic trip to the LebdaZoo to see the LebAnimals

BuffaLebda LebDove LebDog LebRAAGHDoodle LebFrog LebdaGorilla Lebdolphin LebCat LebFish LebdaTurtle LebdaStallion Lebdangaroo LebdaGoat SeahorseLebda GiraffeLebda LebdaHawk LebDingo LebDragon LebDalmatian
and the elusive DinoLebda (very hard to find but I managed to get a picture)

Although Brett wasn't the best player on the Red Wings, He will be missed (at least in some capacity).

Now I believe we should take the rest of the summer to figure out who will be the next "Red Wing Brunt of all Jokes"

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