Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Chew some aspirin and get over it"

Spending the better portion of my summer waiting on Mike Modano is NOT how I expected this summer to go. Over half way done and I still haven't had that "Yay, Team Set, WAHOO!" moment that usually comes somewhere in the beginning of July.

Now every single person on the planet can tell me that there is nothing to worry about and that getting an uneasy feeling about an unset lineup is foolish but I'm not drinking that kool-aid. I understand that Mike Modano is (or was) a great talent but I can't see the logic in chancing our future over a player who MIGHT want to play and MIGHT want to play with the Wings. Call it cynical, Call it bratty, call it whatever you please but I'm not a fan of any prima donna moments coming from any player. After playing for 21 years in the NHL, I'm fairly confidant that Mike Modano knows what he's capable of and he knows if he can play still. Making the Wings and it's fans wait is borderline disrespectful and I understand that many people disagree with that. I've been around hockey for the better portion of my life and I know that 99 times out of 100 when I player is done, he knows it. Mike Modano shouldn't have to talk himself into playing if he's still capable.

This whole month has been turned into ModanOHHHHHHH-NOOOOO July and I'm rather over it. So while Mike sips on mai tais enjoying his summer... er... mulling over this difficult decision, I'll be chewing some aspirin.

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