Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble, Gobble, Dangle

With today being Thanksgiving day, here are some Wings things to be thankful for:

"The Ageless Wonder" Nick Lidstrom

Larry Murphy's love of hot dogs

Mickey Redmond-isms

Tim Horton's at the Joe

The endless entertainment of the threesome bromance of Mike Commodore, Brendan Smith, and Cory Emmerton

The entire team, coaching staff, front office, and ownership for being the best in the league

Pavel Datsyuk as a whole

Tomas Holmstrom's back side

That we are able to interact with the legends of years gone by on a regular basis thanks to an organization that never forgets

Ian White's cheekbone

$9 beers (Try watching college hockey. No beer at all)

Henrik Zetterberg's love of Beyonce

Dan Cleary's lack of eyebrows

Darren Helm growing his hair out AND growing a mustache thus causing the fangirl/puck bunny types to leave him alone

That the Wings do not have cheerleaders

Ty Conklin's mustache

That the Red Wings don't go for a gimmicky third jersey

Seven more years of Niklas Kronwall

That the Wings have found places in the organization for many of our favorite newly retired players

That the Wings aren't last in the league

That it's almost December THUS almost Mursak time

Sweden, Canada, Finland, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovenia/Yugoslavia for bringing us some of the best players from outside the United States

That mispronouncing Justin Abdelkader's last name leads to hours of entertainment

That some people don't like "Just for Men" gel (see: Miller, Drew)

Jimmy Howard

That Brett Lebda has settled with a new team... And it isn't ours

Oh yeah... Friends, Family, Health, Happiness, Food, etc. The standard, mushy, Miss America sentimental stuff and what not.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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